adris group building
Basic idea of our latest project, the Adris group building in Zagreb was to allow all the inhabitants of this business block to be able to view the city sights as spectacular as it should be from real office building. Preservation of the old factory block, built in 1882 was imperative, as well as integration of the present amenities on the location, the  
solution imposed itself. We raised a platform like structure that hovers over the present situation in the location on metal construction, creating a protected public space underneath.
Faculty of Technology in Rijeka is located in former 19. CT military  
barracks. The building has been reconstructed in the 1960s, when were  
also added new workshops and laboratories to the north, connected  
with a metal bridge with the main building.
This project is dealing with the space between these two buildings.  
Additional 3 floors of lecture rooms and workshops are added to the  
old building. New connection to the north wing is located in the  
suspended metal frame, covered with a curtain of perforated anodized  
Project consists of underground garage with 850 parking places and  
mixed-use program situated on top of it. Once completed the roof of  
the garage will become a new pedestrian axis extending current  
pedestrian city-center area to the north. This axis is positioned  
centrally, stepping up from Dolac to Pomerio Street, flanked by new  
buildings divided in 8 separate units with 4/5 floors. First 3 floors  
are occupied with retail and office program, and top two are used for  
housing. Apartments are accessed from private court/street on the 4th  
floor, all organized as two-level individual units with terraces.
The initial idea was to erase borders between the public space and  
school areas, making school part of the city. Street and square are  
transformed in the school territory: with gym on the other side,  
school opens to the street with main entrance, library, restaurant.
Construction of the school occurred simultaneously with the  
reconstruction of the city wall, dictating a specific relation.
The building floor plan is following east limit of the area, respects  
the existing surrounding construction, but contemporary follows  
differences in hights of existing terrain and inclination of the  
wall. Adjustments to the terrain result to adequate respond in  
projecting section and facade of building which flows in inclination  
from the top by the square and monastery complex, across the street  
and entrance hall, to the corridor with the classes and the building  
of a nursery home on the south.Scale of the intervention in proportion to the size of the town made  
this  an urban project.
Main concern of this project was display of the remains. They are  
located in two concrete boxes that reconstruct proportions of  
original church. Octagonal one reconstructs proportions of the  
baptistery inside which remains of ciborium are suspended in the  
original position, while the square one contains plutei displayed in  
the same way.
Remaining space of the Lapidarium is enclosed with glass and drapes  
opens to the park.